12 Tips to Grow Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes plays a vital role in enhancing beauty to both men and women. However, women are mostly affected when their eyelashes started thinning or even falling out due to age. This makes them look for alternative artificial ways of improving their eyelashes e.g. through the use of mascara, eyelashes extension or even having false eyelashes although these methods makes the real eyelashes get weaker. Here are 10 ways to make your eyelashes grow longer:

Note: Almost all of these tips can be used for improving eyebrow health too!

1.Castor oil

This is one of the best home remedies to make your eyelashes grow longer. Castor oil is pure, simple and organic and it make your eyelashes grow thicker, stronger and faster. However, to avoid getting thick eyelashes, you are supposed to apply castor oil on your eyelashes and brows using a brush before going to bed. This will give castor oil enough time to moisturize and encourage natural growth of your eyelashes. Additionally, you can apply some castor oil on your lips because it’s effective in softening the lips.

Top 3 Castor Oil’s for Hair Growth

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2. Folligen Cream: Copper-Peptides

One of the best ways to get longer eyelashes isn’t very widely known…..it’s actually kind of a secret. This cream will work wonders on your lashes or eyebrows. Copper Peptides, the main ingredient in Folligen cream, can help to improve the look of your lashes in 2 ways; it increases follicle cell proliferation and also decreases programmed follicle cell death.

Copper Peptides are also used in anti-aging products. It acts as an antioxidant and also promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin.

The best way to apply Folligen cream is to use an eyeliner brush but you can also use a Q-tip. Just dip it into the cream and carefully run it under your lower eyelashes and then do the same to your uppers. Most people recommend using it every other day., within a week you may start to see results! However, it’s more typical to see them after 4-6 weeks of use.

Best Folligen Cream for Lashes/Brows

Number 1Number 2Number 3

3. Natural oils

You can also use natural oils to boost the growth of your eyelashes. To use natural oils, you need to soak a cotton wool ball in some oil and then wipe over your eyelashes just before you go to bed. Leaving the oil overnight on your lashes helps to nourish, moisturize and keep your eyelashes strong and healthy.

Many natural oils can be used  to moisturize your eyelashes, here are the best ones:

Note: Make sure you wash off natural oil in the morning to get the best results.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a natural product which can be used widely on a number of uses. Aloe Vera has vitamins and powerful nutrients which facilitate growth of eyelashes. To achieve good results, apply some fresh Aloe Vera on your eyelashes before going to bed. Principle of applying Aloe is similar to the one used in applying mascara by use of a clean mascara wad.

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5. Green Tea

Since green tea has caffeine and flavonoids as compounds, you can prepare some green tea to apply on your lashes. Ideally, you are supposed to make some green tea and then let it cool before swiping it over your eyelashes using a cotton wool.

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6. Vitamin E

Using vitamin E is another way of facilitating your eyelashes thicken up. Vitamin E is known to treat skin blemishes but it’s has also been discovered to help your lashes grow naturally when applied using a brush for some time.

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7. Avoid using fake eyelashes

Although the use of fake eyelashes is a quick method of solving eyelashes problem, it damages the lashes in the long run because you will remove some of your real eyelashes when removing the fake ones. Therefore, you should avoid using fake eyelashes altogether if you want natural thick and long eyelashes.

8. Remove all make up at night

Ideally, the more time your eyelashes are from makeup, the better they will grow. Hence, make sure you remove all your make up before sleeping or as soon as you get home to give your lashes enough time to breathe. Make sure to have makeup remover on hand for use each night.

9. Eat healthy food

Eyelashes are tissues which require nutrients and vitamins to grow longer and stronger. Therefore, make sure you eat a lot of fruits, fresh vegetables, lean protein and whole grains because they will help nourish your body and your eyelashes.

10. Brush your eyelashes

You are supposed to brush your lashes to keep them clean from any dust and dirt particle. This will facilitate a good supply of blood around your lashes making them grow longer and thicker. To get the job done, you can buy little lash combs which are made specifically for the job.

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11. Be gentle with your lashes

Eyelashes do not like to be treated harshly because they are delicate. Therefore, avoid rubbing your eyes or even pulling them while removing your make up. You are supposed to know when rubbing, you pull some lashes out causing stunt growth to the ones remaining.

12. Massage your eyelids

Finally, you can massage your eyelids to stimulate hair follicles facilitate growth of the eyelashes. Therefore, of you do eyelid massage regularly, you will experience immense changes and development of your eyelashes. However, you should not be too rough because you can end up causing more damage to your eyelashes.

If you follow any of the tips discussed, you will be on the path to longer and thicker eyelashes or eyebrows. But if you want to do it the quick and easy way you need to get Idol Lash, the best eyelash serum on the market! For a limited time you can get up to 3 FREE bottles with your first order!

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Longer Eyelashes Infographic:

Feel free to share and use this infographi on your own website or blog. Just make sure to link back to this article as the source (http://myidollashofficialsite.com/tips-grow-thicker-longer-eyelashes/)

Tips to grow longer eyelashes infographic

Feel free to share and use this infographic on your own website or blog. Just make sure to link back to this article as the source (http://myidollashofficialsite.com/tips-grow-thicker-longer-eyelashes/)